The Wayment Family

The Wayments are some of our bestest buddies! You've
probably seen their faces plastered all over my website!
They have a pet pig named Olivia, who I must say is
quite photogenic!


LAKE POWELL family session

The Sorensens ( coolest family ever) took my family
and I to Lake Powell so I could shoot their family
pictures!! There is nothing like Powell in September!
We had SO much fun!! Thanks guys!

Dr. Sorensen tearin' it up on the sky ski! Thanks for
being so patient while teaching me to get up on that crazy
This was our campsite! Here are a few pictures of
the Parker clan!
While driving to Powell, I looked up from my magazine and
yelled to Steve,"STOP THE CAR!" So he slams on the brakes to stop.
"What!?", he asks. " I want a picture of that sunset", I replied. When
I returned to the car Steve pointed out that the odometer on my
Discovery read 77,777 miles. I told him that I thought it was a sign
from his dad that he was happy we were on our way to Lake Powell!
We stopped at Goblin Valley on the way.

Avery's first and last attempt at waterskiing for the trip!

Dillon and Wren catching some sick air on the wakeboard!