I can't find my stinkin' cell phone!

My phone has been missing for a few days now. I am sorry if you tried to reach me. Please send me an email or call my home phone if you need to!


Easter is my favorite holiday! I usually go a little overboard
with the Easter baskets! It was weird having Easter in March
with snow on the ground! It was a beautiful day however.
After church we decided to drive out to Antelope Island.
I haven't been there in years!


Exhibition photos

These photos of my cute little Avery were accepted for

exhibition and judging in the Ogden Climb Festival-A

Celebration of Mountain Adventure Art, Literature and

Environment. My family and I love to rock climb! World

class climbers John Bachar, Lynn Hill, Pete Lowe and Pete

Takeda are going to put up some new climbing routes here

in Ogden! I LOVE OGDEN!! We have some of the best rock

climbing, mountain biking and snow skiing in the country and

it's all practically in my backyard!


More skiing pictures

Here are some more pictures from Snowbasin. The
snow has been quite tasty this season!

I love this shot of my cute little Wren!

This is my Aunt Janet. Can you believe she is 70ish
years old?! Isn't she so cool? I hope I am still snow
boarding at her age!

My little goofball Avery

My hubby tearin' up some powder!

and Dillon being a typical teenager!


Avery's interpretation of evil

This is a picture of "evil" that my 6 year old
daughter drew during sacrament meeting
last Sunday! I totally got the giggles when she
showed it to me! It looks like it could be a new
character on Yo Gabba Gabba!


Jordon-class of 2008!

Jordon is Weber High School's senior
class vice president! I'm sorry Jordon,
but you are one SWEET kid!!


Baby Beck

Look at this cute little munchkin!! What a sweet baby!
It was so fun to go to the Shiffman's home and see all of
the pictures I have taken for them over the years! Here
is a sneak peek of some of my favs!


San Francisco favorites

Wow, what an AWESOME trip!! I learned SO much from
Jinky and Cheryl! It was an incredible experience!

Here are a couple model shots from the

My sissy and brother-in-law!

Ok- I am so freakin' excited about this next picture!!!!
I took the picture above about two and a half years ago.
We were walking around the city pretty close to where
I took this shot when looked up and there he was!!!!
I must say he looks much better than the first time I saw
him, but it's definitely him!!! I about drove my husband
crazy taking pictures of all the homeless people in the city!
What can I say, I think they they are beautiful and have so
much character!

Here are a few of my favs from a bridal session I did in
the totally hippie Haight-Ashbury district. She wore a
really cool vintage gown.