Cotton Candy and Carnies

For Curtis and Natalie's bridal/groomal shoot we started out
at Snow Basin and then headed to So. Ogden days for a little
carnival action! I LOVE Natalie's tea length dress! I am really
looking forward to their wedding day!


Paul and Samantha

Samantha is my niece! I just LOVE these dresses
that she wore! This was a long but fun shoot! I am
so slow with this brace on my knee! It is making me
crazy! Thank you, Paul for carrying me through the
stickers, helping me up the hills and pouring coke on
my feet to relieve them from whatever poisoness plant
I stepped on (that totally worked by the way!)


Hubba Hubba!

Ashleigh's husband is in Iraq and she is surprising
him with these photos which will be assembled in
a cool leather album! Here are a few I can show.
We had SO much fun doing these! Her mom and
dad were helping me hobble around and they carried
this cool old couch out on the edge of their property
which overlooks the valley (too bad you can't see those!)



I freakin' tore my ACL last night!! We took the boat out for family night and the water was too rough to waterski on, so I decided to wakeboard which I haven't done in a LONG time! I was trying to show off by jumping the wake and I hyper extended my left knee! I still need to have an MRI, but my ortho thinks its the ACL and maybe even the meniscus!" @#*^", I was going on vacation next week!!
PHOTOGRAPHERS: I am on crutches at this point and I think I will need some help with my bridal shoot on Friday. If anyone wants to second shoot with me, I'll let you pick my brain! Send me an email if you are interested.


Clay and Telly wedding

Isn't this kimono fabulous?! My nephew Clay brought
it back from Japan where he served his mission for his
future bride to wear on her wedding day! They are so
cute together and so happy to be married! Clay wore
an Italian suit that belonged to my Father-in-law who
passed away a couple of years ago.


Lincoln Briggs Lee

Lincoln is the newest addition to the Lee family! I have photographed
their daughter Mia since she was a baby and now she is a big sister!


Photography get together

I am finally getting around to posting these model images
from our photography get together a week ago.