....Oh boy, oh BOY!

Congratulations guys! Ashlie and Brent were married last March and will soon be welcoming a baby boy into their family! With all of my wedding packages I offer a free sitting for either a maternity or newborn session. I thought it would be fun to employ some of the pregnancy cliche's and I think nothing says prego like bare feet and ice cream!!


Not too bad for an old lady!

It's too bad I can only make about 4 of these turns before I have to let go!! Hehe! We have had a great summer and have really enjoyed our new toy! Avery thinks that the engine cover is her very own musical stage and the tower is a jungle gym!! She is a pretty good little driver!


The Doug Allen Family

So I have wanted to try out some of the new techniques that I learned from Nate Kaiser and Susan Stripling and The Doug Allen family were the perfect candidates! They are such a cool family! It is always the greatest compliment when families return to me to update their pictures! Doug is a fire fighter so I thought this was the perfect location!


Tag...you're it!

Apparently, there is a HUGE blog tag going on and here is how it goes: I write 8 quirky things about myself and then you write 8 things about you on your blog and then post the link to your blog in my comments. So here goes...

1. I can't work on the computer when someone is sitting behind me.

2. I wanted to be a stunt woman when I grew up.

3. I ended up with a Radiologic Technology degree with a specialty in Mammography(pretty much the polar opposite of a stunt woman!!)

4. Learning how to surf is number one on my list of things to do before I turn 40!

5. I once drove my car inside Smith's grocery store on a dare.

6. I LOVE to go snowboarding all by myself!

7. I have a cat named Astronaut Jones and have an entire gallery wall in my home dedicated to him!.

8. I am extremely claustrophobic!

9. My oldest child will have his drivers license in 8 months and I am actually exited about it!

10. I have two half-brothers from my mother, with 3 separate dads and two half- sisters from my father, with 3 separate mothers......What?


I'm back from San Fransisco!

"a workshop from nate kaiser and susan stripling for photographers who want to learn to shoot good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too"

Last week I attended the uber famous Nate Kaiser of the image is found and Susan Stripling's workshop in San Fransisco! I had SO much fun and I can't believe how much I learned!! My sister lives in San Jose, so she attended the workshop with me. It was so fun to hang out and learn together! Thanks for putting me up and putting up with me...LOVE ya! You know, San Fran sure has some colorful people!! I don't know what my obsession of taking pictures of homeless people is!!


Weeee....I have a blog!!!

Thank you for stopping by! I would like to give a big, fat THANKS to everyone who have been so very patient with me and my buisness growing pains! I feel so blessed to have met such incredible people and made such wonderful friends along the way through this buisness! Feel free to stalk my blog as much as you like! Please leave me a comment to let me know you are here! Thanks to Maya of scrapbookgraphics for the graphics I used to design the background page of my new website!