Celebrity look-a-like contest winner~Blake Lively

Whitney won the celebrity look-a-like contest that Stephanie Brinkerhoff and I held last month. I sent this inspiration board to Stephanie to give her a better understanding of what was in my head and as usual, she was spot on! Whitney was such a good sport! I have been wanting to use my new paddle board for a shoot and she was totally up for it.
Hair and makeup by Stephanie Brinkerhoff

I'm wondering if it's time to.....

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Nathan and Jenni~Pennsylvania wedding

I think this is the longest blog post I have ever done...probably because this is one of my favorite weddings I have shot in a long time! I had so much fun with the bride and bride's maids!  As you can see, they are all CRAZY!  I wish I could get married again so I could have them all as bride's maids at my wedding!