My clients are BA!!!

I came home after skiing a couple of sets this morning to find this on my front porch!  I LOVE it!!!


John and Lisa~engaged

This is Elephant Rock .  I'm about 75 feet off the ground.  John set all the pro so I would be nice and safe...

...I  did start to worry a little though when they started talking about how to get me down!!!


The Chugg Family

This is how you pick outfits...coordinating, but not matchy, matchy! Audry is a senior so we combined family/senior pictures in one! Plus, it's smart to get senior pictures done early while you are still tan!


Kevin and Jessie

The one thing I am more passionate about than photography is water skiing, and when the two combine....I am in heaven!! I have wanted to do this shoot with my friends, the Lundells for a while and I just love how they turned out!! They are both amazing skiers, although the vintage skis were a bit challenging!
Here's the video from the shoot again, in case you missed it!