Big Bang Photo shoot!

OMGosh, I had so much FUN! I So love what I do! It's so great to come together as artists and friends and feed off each other's creativity! I got to spend some time with my buddy David Beckstead who stopped off in Utah to attend the shoot before heading off to LA to teach his own workshop!

Keith Bryce did such an amazing job on everything! Months of preparation
went into this event!

I LOVED this all white room! I asked my friend Liz to take a couple of head shots for me in there and I sat down on the couch which was painted with latex paint that was not completely dry. I got white paint all over my butt and legs! NICE!

After looking at all of my shots, I think this is my absolute FAVORITE! In fact, it is probably my favorite picture I have taken in a long time.

This is my darling niece, Rachel. It hardly looks like her!


This is one of my favorite images from yesterday's fashion shoot. I'll post a bunch more soon!


Piper and Chloe is a fabulous boutique filled with AWESOMENESS! Check out the blog to see some of the featured vendors. I will have a display there and will be selling DISCOUNTED sessions! I will probably do a drawing of some sort also. I'll have more info on that coming up.

So this is what I have been up to all week! As you can see from the before picture, this bathroom was NASTY! I have been meaning to redo it for years now, but finally decided to tackle the beast! So after 6 days and 57 trips to Home Depot, it's finished!!!
What does this have to do with Favorites Friday you ask? Well, not much really. My favorite for this week is my super handy husband!!!! Handy husbands are AWESOME!!




People often ask me what my favorite subject to shoot is. I kind of go through phases, but I would have to say my very favorite subject to shoot is 7-8 month old babies who can sit up on their own, but cannot yet crawl away! The problem is, I hardly ever book babies that can sit up and not yet crawl away! I usually book newborns, 1yr olds and older.
SO, for the rest of this month and the month of April I am offering half off my session fee for babies who can sit up on their own, but not crawl. That's $75 off your session fee!


My boy.

I can't believe my boy will be 18 in a month!! Where did the time go?? Great, now I am crying! Seriously, where did the time go?

This is my first attempt at senior pictures. I might have to bribe him with a new wardrobe, or hire someone else to take them for me. Little stinker won't pose for me.

Dillon, I love you so much and am so proud of you!



***HEY EVERYONE**** !!!! Keith is giving away a chance for a free spot in the Big Bang Photo Shoot!!!! YEP, that's what I said! If you're interested or want to nominate someone send your nomination to keithbrycedesigner@gmail.com Put "Contest" in the subject line. He will post the chosen names on his blog (keithbrycedesigner.blogspot.com) in a few days then the voting will begin. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!


Las Vegas shoot

I had sooo much fun at WPPI! I learned so many new things from so many fabulous photographers. Speaking of fabulous photographers, this is my friend Andrea Hanks. It was her and her husband's 14 yr wedding anniversary so while in Vegas she planned to return to the Little Church of the West where they had eloped 14yrs ago and get some fun pictures. Keith Bryce designed her fabulous wedding look and Florilista - Custom Floral Art made her bouquet. We got a few shots while it was still daylight, then me and a group of photographer friends met up later to shoot on the strip. We shot until around 1 a.m. then went back to my suite for hot chocolate and doughnuts(yea, that's how I party)!

PHOTOGRAPHERS: If you haven't signed up yet for the BIG BANG photo shoot then what are you waiting for??? Seriously, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! This is a MAJOR production with custom sets, amazing custom circus themed designs as well as some softer wedding looks like you see here! I'm telling you, it is going to be AMAZING!! So use your tax return money, sign up and i'll see you there! You can get all the info on my post below. Contact me if you have any questions!


Today's favorite is Design Aglow. THREE of my images were just chosen to be featured in their bride and groom posing guide along with images from some of my idols such as Susan Stripling, Chenin Boutwell and Anna Kuperberg!!!! Surreal.
Design Aglow is THE best resource for photographers! You must check out their magazine article collections and their templates and marketing tools are just fabulous!