Ho Ho Ho!

I did this fun shoot for My favorite children's boutique, Little Cherry Blossoms. We did this shoot in about five minutes because it was so cold!


The Sykes Family~Ogden family photographer~Julie Parker

I have done the Syke's family pictures for years! I love them! Their son James just got home from his mission in Paris! They are big fans of the website Awkward Family Photos, so we went for a little awkwardness in this last shot!


Jodi and kids~Ogden family photographer~Julie Parker

Jodi is a professional organizer and a brave, brave woman! She tackled my storage room and garage for me and let me tell you, it was a CHORE and a half!! She did a fabulous job! I think it takes someone who is not partial or emotionally attached to go through and help you get rid of your crap! If you need a great organizer, you can email her at orglivingbyjodi@gmail.org



Check out Sam and Seth's bridals that are featured on Utah Bride and Groom today and leave me some love if you want!


PLEEEAAAASE VOTE FOR ME...pretty please?

I have entered to win a spot to one of my favorite photographer's workshops! Please go to Kelly Moore's blog and vote for me! I'll love you forever if you do!!

The Nielsen Family~Davis County family photographer~Julie Parker

The Nielsens are rad! They were making fun of how preppy they looked so we all came up with preppy names for them like Bif, Hollister, Apple to name a few!


Notice to clients

In order to get your pictures in time for Christmas, I need your orders no later than Friday the 6th. Thanks!!!