One-on-one mentoring session

I had such a great time mentoring Amy for the day! I just love one-on-one mentoring sessions and making great new friends! My little Avery modeled for us. Avery is a very talented song writer and I think she and I will start taking guitar lessons in the fall!


I'm off to the Palisades! I'm SO excited to ski my butt off, run the Snake River, eat a BBQ sandwich at Bubbas in Jackson Hole, play scrabble with my family and most of all...do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! I will return all phone calls and emails when I get back!


Joe and Caroline~engaged

Meet Joe. Joe is from New Zealand. He has the cutest accent I have ever heard! Meet Caroline. Caroline is a proud American. She is pretty proud of Joe too though! They are one amazing couple! Joe is getting ready to take the Bar exam and Caroline is working on her thesis for her Masters!

David and Paige~wedding

I think it is really important in the photography community to be there for one another as much as possible. I tell my workshop attendees to always keep a handful of local photographer's business cards in your camera bag at all times because you never know when you might need help.

I was able to cover David and Paige's wedding recently. Although I did not get the opportunity to bond with them before their wedding by doing their engagement and bridal sessions, they sure were troopers! Their wedding was amazing! I loved her dress and all of the yellow and aqua details! Thanks for trusting me to capture your day!