Tag...you're it!

Apparently, there is a HUGE blog tag going on and here is how it goes: I write 8 quirky things about myself and then you write 8 things about you on your blog and then post the link to your blog in my comments. So here goes...

1. I can't work on the computer when someone is sitting behind me.

2. I wanted to be a stunt woman when I grew up.

3. I ended up with a Radiologic Technology degree with a specialty in Mammography(pretty much the polar opposite of a stunt woman!!)

4. Learning how to surf is number one on my list of things to do before I turn 40!

5. I once drove my car inside Smith's grocery store on a dare.

6. I LOVE to go snowboarding all by myself!

7. I have a cat named Astronaut Jones and have an entire gallery wall in my home dedicated to him!.

8. I am extremely claustrophobic!

9. My oldest child will have his drivers license in 8 months and I am actually exited about it!

10. I have two half-brothers from my mother, with 3 separate dads and two half- sisters from my father, with 3 separate mothers......What?