Holiday traditions

My Mother-in-law gave me this old raspberry crate to do
something creative with. I printed a few photos of each of
my kids and the quote,"I have no greater joy than to hear
that my children walk in truth." I then glued each of the 25
squares to the inside of the crate. I have had this for a few
years, but this year I decided to make it an advent calendar.
I bought tiny boxes and numbered them 1-25 and filled each
box with something different. If the box was in front of one
of my kids pictures, then they got to open that particular box.
If there was no picture, then they each took turns. I filled the
boxes with little candies, earrings and other jewelry and little
coupons that read: Get out of one chore free card, or This
cupon good for one mommy daughter/son date. Next year I
will do it a little different. I got a wonderful idea from
Davina Fear. She does a different Christmas or charitable
activity with her family for her advent calendar. What a great
way to instill the true meaning of Christmas in our children!
Please share some of your Christmas traditions with me! We
usually let the kids open one present on Christmas Eve and every
Christmas morning I make eggs Benedict. I am always looking for a
fabulous new tradition for my family. Snowbasin is starting a
Christmas Eve tradition that looks like fun. Check it out here.