San Francisco favorites

Wow, what an AWESOME trip!! I learned SO much from
Jinky and Cheryl! It was an incredible experience!

Here are a couple model shots from the

My sissy and brother-in-law!

Ok- I am so freakin' excited about this next picture!!!!
I took the picture above about two and a half years ago.
We were walking around the city pretty close to where
I took this shot when looked up and there he was!!!!
I must say he looks much better than the first time I saw
him, but it's definitely him!!! I about drove my husband
crazy taking pictures of all the homeless people in the city!
What can I say, I think they they are beautiful and have so
much character!

Here are a few of my favs from a bridal session I did in
the totally hippie Haight-Ashbury district. She wore a
really cool vintage gown.