Meggie and Rhett

Meggie and Rhett live in Rupert Idaho so I decided to bring
the whole family along and make a weekend out of it. My
clients the Dewsnups have a cabin in Almo Idaho near City
of Rocks. Almo is THE cutest small town ever! The Dewsnups
also own a charming little general store filled with antiques as
well as a FABULOUS restaurant where I had the best steak I
have ever eaten! It was too cold to do any rock climbing so we
went to Durfee hot springs, which apparently they filled just for us!
Everywhere we went we heard, "Oh, you must be the Parkers."
Then we hung out in the cabin and watched conference before
heading to Rupert. If you haven't been to City of Rocks, you really
should check it out! The Dewsups are also building a hotel which
should be finished soon, or you can camp right in City of Rocks.

Meggie and Rhett are so cute together! Thank you Rhett for putting
up with me-I told you the shimmy out on the branch over the water
shot would be worth it! Thank you guys for trusting me with your
special day, I look forward to it!