My family and I took the boat out this weekend and I
water skied for the first time of the season. IT WAS
FREAKIN' FREEZING!!! Plus, I haven't exercised in at
least 6 months and today I feel like someone beat the holy
living crap out of me!!! I am so glad I don't have any shoots
for the next few days! I post this embarrassing picture of
myself because it is time for me to set some goals. I have a
good 20 lbs to lose and I want to get back into competition
form. I will track my progression here on my blog throughout
the summer!

This picture cracks me up because they all look so scared!
It's not because it was a scary ride, it's because they don't
want to fall off into the FREEZING water!

Avery wanted to try out her new wake board so bad, but
it was just too cold!