Blake and Allyse~engaged

This was such a fun shoot! Allyse got this awesome retro bike for her birthday and wanted to use it in the shoot! I think she has a kind of retro look and I have always wanted to do something with my vintage apron and jadeite mixing bowl. My plan was to go into Pan Handler's kitchen store where they have a mock kitchen to do the shot, but they were closed so we settled for this cart outside. I asked my husband if he thought it looked too random out on the street and he replied,"No, but who let her out of the kitchen and where did she get those shoes?!!!" I am a bit of a feminist and he loves to get a rise out of me! Then he told me this awful joke: Why do women have smaller feet than men? So they can stand closer to the stove! My hubby really isn't a chauvinistic pig, he just thinks he's pretty funny! I hope his sisters see this and pummel him!