and the winner is....Brooke!

THANKS for all of your suggestions! I ended up using most of them! It was hard to choose a winner, but after attending a charity luncheon for the Christmas Box House last week I had to use Brooke's idea. My friend Kristin hooked me up with a little 4 yr old boy who recently moved into the Christmas Box House to buy Christmas for. It broke my heart to read his list. He asked for a coat and socks and Thomas the train. The children on my friend's lists asked for things like blankets and socks without holes in them!

Tonight we dropped off a bunch of food to Jiffy Lube(I guess they match your donation) and then picked out a video at Blockbuster. I added something fun to do after each charitable event like getting ice cream or going to see the lights. So far so good! No complaints from the kiddos! I will also do something one on one with each of my kids. On Wed. I am pulling Wren out of school(she had all A+'s on her midterms) to go shopping and then to the PUG photography Christmas party in SLC!