Favorites Friday!

Thanks for all of your questions! Stacey had a great one:

Q: You always have great prop pieces, do you have a secret store that you constantly hang out in when you're not shooting or doing laundry? And where do you keep all that fab stuff? What's your favorite piece of them all?

A: My favorite place to find props are in antique and consignment shops! One of my faves is
The General Store in Layton. They have the coolest stuff and their prices are super reasonable!! Now where to keep it all is not so easy! I swear my husband will KILL me if I come home with another chair!! I do decorate my home with a lot of it though. Before a shoot I go "shopping" in my house and grab whatever would be appropriate! My favorite prop would have to be my rusty old bike. I hardly use it though, because it is so cumbersome!