Sorry I haven't been keeping up on Favorites Friday, it has been a crazy busy summer!
My favorite place to waterski and camp is in Mantua! It is the cutest little town about 4 miles up Sardine Canyon. I totally want to live there! The campground is right next to the lake and has tons of trees, showers and the cutest little country store. They sell these cute little mood rings that I bought for me and my girls. We call them our Mantua rings. We love the lake because we can usually find smooth water. The lake has kelp in it which doesn't bother me because it keeps the big outboard motor boats off of it.

For some reason some of the town folk don't like us too much, especially Robocop! If you have ever got a ticket in Sardine Canyon then you know who Robocop is! I won't even go there right now because it is still waterski season and I don't want anymore trouble from him he he!

Avery holding her Mantua mood ring.

This was Wren's 4th time on a waterski!!!!!