My sweet baby girl turned 10 this weekend!  I don't let her have sleepovers very often, so for her party she wanted to have a slumber party.  I came across this party online and decided to run with it.  The very best thing about this party is that I hardly spent any money!  I didn't buy any decorations, plates, cups, napkins, table cloths or anything!  I used leftover party supplies and things from around the house!  The only things I bought were the pattern and materials for the owls and the food! 
I designed the invitations in photoshop and printed them onto card stock.  Then, I paced them in my 5x7 image boxes that I use for packaging prints after layering lemondrops on the bottom of the box.
I tried to make the table look like a bed.  I used an old coverlet for the table cloth and used the matching curtain panels to hang from the awning.
For dinner I made Hawaiian hay stacks, or "owl nests"  The cupcakes are from the fabulous Whimsy Cupcakes.
The first thing we did was have an Easter egg hunt.  Inside each egg was a little paper owl with either a blue or yellow dot on the back to determine what color owl they would get.  My daughter, Wren, spent the whole week sewing these owls together(bless her heart!)   Each girl got to choose pieces to customise her owl and Wren kept sewing while the party continued.  When it was time to stuff the owls, each girl put a heart inside and made a wish!
I made these adoption cards for the girls to fill out and filled these little boxes with gumballs.