Last week my husband and I went to Florida to do some skiing with my new friend Thomas Gustafson. We had so much fun! We skied so much, our hands were bloody! Thomas is a great coach as well as a great cook and host. He made delicious, healthy meals for us and convinced me to stop drinking my sugar free Rockstars and Power aides!  Thomas is an amazing photographer! His images are perfect straight out of the camera and he doesn't need to do a thing to them in Photoshop unless he wants to! Check out some of his amazing images here.

While I was there, I did a commercial shoot. After I was finished, I wanted to do something for fun, so I asked my model to bring a dress with her. I really didn't have a concept or anything planned. I noticed how dark the water was, especially near the lilly pads and thought that it would look cool to pour milk in it, so I sent my hubby to the store to get 5 gallons of milk and I love how it turned out!!
I decided that I WILL own a house on a lake one day with a dock like this for my boat!