2013 Get Schooled Workshop~model shoot

This was a really fun shoot to do for my last Get Schooled workshop. Thanks so much to everyone involved!   
Models:Shay Peck, Kenzie Call 
Hair/makeup on Shay: Hair and Makeup by Steph 
Cakes: Mariposa's Artisan Eats 
Grey and grey orange & white dress:  ChicStyle  photo IMG_7645r_zpsba3bf60d.jpg  photo IMG_7741_zps7d5ca6df.jpg  photo IMG_7424_zps6e8e0232.jpg  photo IMG_7320_zps4b51c5c8.jpg  photo IMG_7747_zps773bd80e.jpg  photo IMG_7742_zps0454f804.jpg  photo IMG_7735_zps204d7342.jpg  photo IMG_7440_zpscd8aaeaa.jpg  photo IMG_7616_zpsf3068175.jpg  photo IMG_7725_zpsd34d5117.jpg  photo IMG_7730_zps27392362.jpg  photo IMG_7360_zpsc266a0e1.jpg  photo IMG_7623_zps814fd34c.jpg  photo IMG_7635_zps245b3740.jpg  photo IMG_7768_zps9e8ed426.jpg  photo IMG_7642_zpsd2e396f2.jpg  photo IMG_7262_zpsbd7d4732.jpg  photo IMG_7460_zps82750cb5.jpg  photo IMG_7788_zps5958763e.jpg