Jorge and Danielle~engaged

What a cute couple!  Danielle is freaking awesome and Jorge is seriously the nicest guy I have ever met.  We shot these at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix and finished at Crystal Lake, a private lake and gated community where the lots alone sell for a million dollars! After we were finished, I was lucky enough to ski a set and have Danielle coach me!  photo IMG_8071_zps405bd677.jpg  photo IMG_7926_zps72eb1807.jpg  photo IMG_8111_zps1617715b.jpg  photo IMG_8093-1_zpsb6e383f4.jpg  photo IMG_8202_zpsac6a8a18.jpg  photo IMG_8145g_zpscb2af1e6.jpg  photo IMG_8076_zps9eca5cc9.jpg photo IMG_7986_zps5abbe452.jpg  photo IMG_7964-1_zps9b9b173f.jpg photo IMG_7879_zpseb015ff6.jpg  photo IMG_8256_zps755bb4d5.jpg  photo IMG_8290-1_zpsb001f569.jpg  photo IMG_8351-1_zpsfeb73f2f.jpg  photo IMG_8357-1_zpsc6e26a2d.jpg  photo IMG_8344_zpsca493184.jpg  photo IMG_8422_zps0f0b37bf.jpg  photo IMG_8486_zps6231d949.jpg  photo IMG_8499_zpsd85f87da.jpg  photo IMG_8472_zps850aa89f.jpg