I LOVE shooting waterskiers...and I love being able to ski a set after a photo shoot!  photo IMG_3067_zps266151c0.jpg  photo IMG_3065_zpsed17e9fc.jpg  photo IMG_3129_zpsa51e76c2.jpg  photo IMG_3160_zps04b9e86d.jpg  photo IMG_3015_zps1b1edff0.jpg  photo IMG_2956_zps6400bada.jpg  photo IMG_3233_zpsb6d6b36f.jpg  photo IMG_3282_zps84dff4db.jpg  photo IMG_3288_zpsfc51fef1.jpg  photo IMG_3313_zps66e371c8.jpg  photo IMG_3366_zps1bc5b2fb.jpg
Sunnie's mom took this shot of me gliding back to the dock after skiing...I think it's kind of cool! 

 photo IMG_3425_zps7bc35a3d.jpg