Ryan and Jennings~married!

Ryan and Jennings were married in an intimate, relaxed setting in Desert Springs California. It was such a fun wedding! After they cut the cake, they made me put the camera down, put on my swimsuit and join the party in the pool! Jennings is an amazing newborn and child photographer in Thousand Oaks and one of the funniest people I know! Plus, she's a waterskiier, which makes her even cooler. Check out their engagement session here. photo G05A9643_zpsfaaad56f.jpg  photo 0050_zps3b927929.jpg  photo G05A9499_zps67b9cd52.jpg  photo 0045_zps4894d1d3.jpg  photo G05A9760t_zps9bb3b6e8.jpg  photo G05A9798_zpsbfefbdf7.jpg  photo G05A9846_zpse92f9bc2.jpg  photo G05A9833_zps4b40bc66.jpg  photo G05A9503_zps8b82804a.jpg  photo G05A9680_zps0dc6ebfc.jpg  photo G05A9660_zps961cb833.jpg  photo G05A9707_zps3f243e4e.jpg  photo G05A9996_zps4aa45bf6.jpg  photo G05A0040_zpsf1bc756f.jpg  photo G05A9728_zps196efbad.jpg  photo 0090_zpsfe9a567b.jpg  photo G05A9726_zpsecf62092.jpg  photo G05A9652_zps9e810837.jpg  photo G05A0099_zps1af43d1f.jpg  photo G05A0053_zps2083596c.jpg  photo G05A0083_zps452d05b8.jpg