The Lundell family

Kevin, aka Kev-bot and Jessie are my waterski besties!! You may remember this session I did for them when they were trying to adopt their first baby, Amelia. Well, they are starting the adoption process again, so we wanted to show what life is like with the Lundell family...and oh what a life it is! As you can see, Amelia cannot wait to learn how to waterski! Kevin and Jessie have taught Amelia sign language and every time they pull up to the lake she nods her head up and down and gets excited!  She loves to watch her mom and dad ski and signs "all done" when they drop at each end of the waterski course to rest after skiing a pass. I love watching them ski as well! Kevin took 1st place in open men's at Western Regionals this year and Jessie took 3rd in women's 2.  Amelia squeals with excitement when her parents pull her around the grass on her EZ-Ski and I was so happy to witness and capture her first waterski attempt!

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